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10-step guide for a New Training Manager

training manager

10-Step Guide for Training  Manager

TrainingForce blog has a nice blog on the 10 things a new training manager should do upon assuming his role. I am summarizing the 10 points specified in the original post.  Visit original site for the detailed information. http://trainingforce.com/the-new-training-manager-ten-things-to-do

  1. hecIdentify your personal weaknesses and limitations with regard to the diverse roles of the training manager.
  2. Be sure you clearly understand the training department’s charge from senior management.
  3. Visit each site, each department head and ask “What’s your take on training?” Listen to the responses.
  4. If assuming responsibility for an existing training center, attend several classes.
  5. Identify the starting point.
  6. Establish a simple, clearly stated personal vision for the training center.
  7. Perform an audit.
  8. Form the first advisory group.
  9. Establish a prioritized to-do list.
  10. Develop an outline and timeline using the accumulated information.

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7 Functions of Training Management You must know

Check this great article on 7 functions which are essential to training management role (Posted by CommLabIndia).


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