• Personal Resonance© is a research forum engaged in transforming findings from proven research studies on learning, training, performance and expertise into practical training solutions and practices to 'accelerate time-to-expertise' of organizations and professionals. Aggressive time-to-market drives organizations to develop complex cognitive skills of their employees at faster pace to beat their competitors. Goal of forum is to find and share the answer to that ‘speed’. The forum is trying to develop a core knowledge-base in four areas by systematically assimilating, analyzing and synthesizing the proven research studies in wide range of disciplines like cognitive sciences, neuroscience, psychology, education, learning and brain science, etc.: 1) Accelerated Workplace Expertise: Proven research-based strategies and methodologies to accelerate expertise of organization as a whole through training and learning. 2) Accelerated Professional Expertise: Science-based resonance techniques to accelerate expertise, peak performance and effectiveness of individuals. 3) Strategic Training Management: Experience-based competitive philosophies and processes to manage large-scale complex learning and knowledge operations to produce proficient workforce. 4) Competitive Instructional Design: Advanced instructional and learning design techniques to deliver higher order complex skills like problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, technical troubleshooting.

3 Core Skills to Make Effective Training Related Decisions


Until now you may have impression that training and learning manager’s role probably required similar level of skills as needed by any other management role. Let me give you some insight that traditional stakeholder management training you may have got during your project management course may not really help you when you are taking up training management role.Let me share 3 skills you may need in your new role of training and learning management. These are:- a)      Perform Comprehensive Stakeholder Analysis Do you know all your stakeholders? Do you know your instructor may also be an important stakeholder? Have you considered impact and perspective of your important stakeholders? One of the unique thing which separates training role from any other management role is mix of stakeholders. Stakeholder analysis is not as simple it may look like in other management streams. Stakeholders may include Account manager, Customer manager, Marketing … Continue reading

3 Pillars You need to Master for Reliable Training Operations Management


When you transition to a training management role, one of the key responsibilities you will have is to convert uncertainty into certainty. You need to run your training operations, projects, programs and team activities with very high degree of reliability. How are you going to do so? Your KPIs will be efficiency (how fast your training operations respond to customer needs), effectiveness (how well you meet customer needs) and quality (how robust your deliverable are). How are you going to achieve these KPIs? Let me share with you 3 most important ingredients / elements of infrastructure you would need to manage well to manage training operations. Having a great handle on these three elements will make you successful training or learning manager who can deliver reproducible and repeatable results with reliability. These 3 elements are: a)      Processes b)      Systems c)       Structure PROCESSES: The “heart” of the training organization Believe me: … Continue reading