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9 Guidelines to Apply 70:20:10 Framework to Accelerate Time-to-Competence (Part-2)

70 20 10 -model for performance improvement

In this part-2 of the blog post, I will share remaining 5 of the 9 guidelines shared by Dr. Charles Jennings, a learning thought leader and advocate of 70:20:10 framework. He emphasizes that this framework, if  applied strategically, can enable organizations to compress time-to-competence. Click here to read the Part-1 for first 4 guidelines. http://www.personal-resonance.com/leveraging-702010-framework-accelerate-time-to-competence-thoughts-charles-jennings-part-1/ Guidelines 5 to 9 5. Design opportunities for reflection “From a practical point of view, making sure that structured training is experiential and contains designed opportunities to reflect the situations that people are going to encounter in the workplace. It certainly accelerates performance. The opportunities of reflection has to be built into day-to-day work after the training as well.”  6. Use the checklists to avoid unnecessary informational training “I think that the humble checklist is really underrated. I often feel that we can spend days training people, and actually we could give them three or four … Continue reading

9 Guidelines to Apply 70:20:10 Framework to Accelerate Time-to-Competence (Part-1)

70:20:10 Framework

70:20:10 framework has seen its induction in several organizations. I got a chance to have conversation with Dr. Charles Jennings in regards to potential this model hold to accelerate employee workplace learning and performance. Click here to read more about 70:20:10 framework. http://charles-jennings.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/702010-framework-for-high-performance.html. In this 2 part blog, I will share 9 guidelines Dr. Charles shared which applied strategically can enable organizations to compress time-to-competence.  Charles Jennings is one of the world’s leading experts on building and implementing 70:20:10 learning strategies. 70:20:10 is based on observations that high performing individuals and organizations build most of their capability by learning within the workflow. Also called the ‘3Es approach’ – Experience: Exposure: Education. He has consulted on, and led, learning and performance improvement projects for multinational corporations and government agencies for more than 30 years. What’s wrong with today’s training? “The traditional training model really emerged to meet industrial requirements – requirements … Continue reading