About Personal Resonance©

Personal Resonance

Personal Resonance© is a research forum engaged in transforming findings from proven research studies on learning, training, performance and expertise into practical training solutions and practices to ‘accelerate time-to-expertise’ of organizations and professionals. Aggressive time-to-market drives organizations to develop complex cognitive skills of their employees at faster pace to beat their competitors. Goal of forum is to find and share the answer to that ‘speed’.

The forum is trying to develop a core knowledge-base in following four areas by systematically assimilating, analyzing and synthesizing the proven research studies in wide range of disciplines like cognitive sciences, neuroscience, psychology, education, learning and brain science, etc.

1. Accelerated Organizational Expertise: Proven research-based strategies and methodologies to accelerate expertise of organization as a whole through training and learning.

2. Accelerated Professional Expertise: Science-based resonance techniques to accelerate expertise, peak performance and effectiveness of individuals.

3. Strategic Training Management: Experience-based competitive philosophies and processes to manage large-scale complex learning and knowledge operations to produce proficient workforce.

4) Complex Learning Design: Advanced instructional and learning design techniques to deliver higher order complex skills like problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, technical troubleshooting.

Inspired by scientific term ‘resonance’ is a stage where the constituent elements of an entity (organization or person) vibrate harmonically together at same frequency to result a peak in amplitude. Accelerating time-to-expertise is driven by how soon that stage can be created through training and learning.


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