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Can You Achieve True Peak Performance Just by Training and Learning Interventions?

Performance function

Concept of ‘Performance by learning’  is that performance is function of learning and it improves with amount of learning. But our research shows that ‘performance by learning’ model has some limitations. There is limit to the level you can teach someone some knowledge, limit the level of practice you can have on particular skill and limit the level you can have correct attitudes without interference. And most important flaw in traditional training is that there is a limit to level of mastery you can get over your environment. Trainable Part of Performance Historically Learning is considered as function of several factors which includes knowledge, skills and attitude. Overall amount of learning, if it could be quantified, is a complex function of how much do you know, what exactly you can do and how well you can do and it is also function of how much practice (or experience) you are gaining in … Continue reading