• Personal Resonance© is a research forum engaged in transforming findings from proven research studies on learning, training, performance and expertise into practical training solutions and practices to 'accelerate time-to-expertise' of organizations and professionals. Aggressive time-to-market drives organizations to develop complex cognitive skills of their employees at faster pace to beat their competitors. Goal of forum is to find and share the answer to that ‘speed’. The forum is trying to develop a core knowledge-base in four areas by systematically assimilating, analyzing and synthesizing the proven research studies in wide range of disciplines like cognitive sciences, neuroscience, psychology, education, learning and brain science, etc.: 1) Accelerated Workplace Expertise: Proven research-based strategies and methodologies to accelerate expertise of organization as a whole through training and learning. 2) Accelerated Professional Expertise: Science-based resonance techniques to accelerate expertise, peak performance and effectiveness of individuals. 3) Strategic Training Management: Experience-based competitive philosophies and processes to manage large-scale complex learning and knowledge operations to produce proficient workforce. 4) Competitive Instructional Design: Advanced instructional and learning design techniques to deliver higher order complex skills like problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, technical troubleshooting.

9 Avenues of Investments That Will Never Go Wrong: Invest in Yourself


In one of the sessions, I asked participants, “If you have all the energy, time and money of the world, what is the single most important thing you want to invest upon?” I have been getting varied kind of replies to this question which included things like investing in property, bank balance, kids’ education, stocks, travel and hobbies, family, gift for spouse etc.  It is nothing unusual, right?The interesting fact that came out is that less than 20% participants actually indicated that they would invest on themselves!!!Why we do not consider investment on ourselves as the biggest investment? Tomorrow if you get fired from your job or you meet some unforeseen circumstances, who you think is going to stand next to you? When odds are more who you think you can depend upon blindfolded? It is ONLY YOU AND YOURSELF. Several people will stand to support you and care for … Continue reading

Zest to know yourself in absolute: A professional challenge


In one of my research, I asked participants “tell me about the greatest struggle of your life which has never left your mind even for a second”. Participants responded with range of answers ranging from impression on others, daily livelihood to balancing work life balance.  Guess what turned out to be the biggest factor? The majority of participants responded that understanding themselves was a non-stop struggle for them which they thought they had mastered but in reality they did not. Isn’t it strange? Years after years you live your life and the only struggle that continues is a zest to find yourself, explore yourself and understand your motives, drives, motivators and knowing your true potential. In my subsequent research another factor also came in picture – “understanding others”. When ranked, we found that ‘understanding ourself’ is the biggest challenge for majority of the professionals. Every day is a new struggle for them … Continue reading

3 Ways to Show-case Your Personal Performance and How to shorten Time-to-Personal Performance?


Image credit: http://blog.secretmillionera.ru/ How do you turn into a high performance individual? In my last post 2 things you need to know to Accelerate Personal Expertise: Specialization and ‘One Thing’ I wrote that before you can lead others, you need to identify what the one thing you are best at. The key question is that how do you become best at something? During our research we found that there were three distinct and completely different mechanisms through which professionals are able to do their best and able to shine as high performance individuals. Let me share an interesting experiment as part of the research that was performed at a hi-tech organization. A select set of employees were given a pre-defined task which they had never done before. These employees were picked for research purposes and supposedly had demonstrated similar levels of skills, experience and knowledge on similar kind of assignments as seen from … Continue reading

2 things you need to know to Accelerate Personal Expertise: Specialization and ‘One Thing’


Over the years, one thing which always intrigued me to find what is the most essential ingredient to achieve personal performance that leads to personal expertise. It has been my constant zest to find what drives people to display a breakthrough performance. Over the years, I talked to several different leaders, managers and consultants and all of them view performance and expertise from several different angles. Many of them specified confidence as the essential ingredient and few other said it was communication. While some favored smart work and few others said it was the attitude. 1. Leadership Trap Simplified: Leadership is all about Being Specialist in One When it comes to leadership, one key thing I find is that most of regular professionals and managers doing day-to-day job are already lost in tons of leadership philosophies out there. There are thousand different techniques, methods, guidelines floating around. Did you also … Continue reading

Can You Achieve True Peak Performance Just by Training and Learning Interventions?

Performance function

Concept of ‘Performance by learning’  is that performance is function of learning and it improves with amount of learning. But our research shows that ‘performance by learning’ model has some limitations. There is limit to the level you can teach someone some knowledge, limit the level of practice you can have on particular skill and limit the level you can have correct attitudes without interference. And most important flaw in traditional training is that there is a limit to level of mastery you can get over your environment. Trainable Part of Performance Historically Learning is considered as function of several factors which includes knowledge, skills and attitude. Overall amount of learning, if it could be quantified, is a complex function of how much do you know, what exactly you can do and how well you can do and it is also function of how much practice (or experience) you are gaining in … Continue reading