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9 Avenues of Investments That Will Never Go Wrong: Invest in Yourself


In one of the sessions, I asked participants, “If you have all the energy, time and money of the world, what is the single most important thing you want to invest upon?” I have been getting varied kind of replies to this question which included things like investing in property, bank balance, kids’ education, stocks, travel and hobbies, family, gift for spouse etc.  It is nothing unusual, right?The interesting fact that came out is that less than 20% participants actually indicated that they would invest on themselves!!!Why we do not consider investment on ourselves as the biggest investment? Tomorrow if you get fired from your job or you meet some unforeseen circumstances, who you think is going to stand next to you? When odds are more who you think you can depend upon blindfolded? It is ONLY YOU AND YOURSELF. Several people will stand to support you and care for … Continue reading

6 guidelines to select the correct professional certification in training and learning management


In my previous post I taked about various certifications available to you if you want to give a strategic edge to your career in training and learning management. See: http://personal-resonance.com/professional-training-learning-management-certifications-gaining-an-edge-in-your-new-role Continuing it further, it is recommended that you chose a well renowned international certification or certified designation in your profession.  You may have to consider some criteria like:- i) Specialization and sub-domain: One thing you should know is that training, learning and performance field is interdisciplinary and that makes it quite wide. The list of subdomains it encompasses is quite endless. Just to name a few: training, learning and development, performance, human performance technology, consulting, instructional design, education technology, instructional technology and teaching, etc. Thus choose the certification sub-domain based on your current specialization or based on direction and specialization you want to go in. ii) Recognition level of the certification: Not all certifications enjoy same level of respect and recognition … Continue reading

18 Certified Designations in Training and Learning Management That can Enhance Your Profile


In my last post I talked about value of certification as a strategy to give you an edge in your new role. I also explained different types of certifications. See: http://personal-resonance.com/professional-training-learning-management-certifications-gaining-an-edge-in-your-new-role/ Some of the leading certified designations which can potentially give you some advantage either to move quickly to the training, learning and performance management function. Or it may help you to adapt to your new role quickly. Note that there are range of choices in certifications targeted at individual contributors but very limited set of certifications for managing the learning and training function. COMPETENCE BASED This mode requires you to demonstrate your work product in terms of experience, credentials, competence and references from your own work coupled with some rigorous competency based test or knowledge exam. Test is usually based on standard body of knowledge in that profession. This is most common mode for most of the recognized international certifications and award … Continue reading

4 Types of Professional Certifications to Gain Competitive edge


If you are planning to step up in training and learning management role, your previous experience as a trainer, instructional designer or a learning specialist or HRD professional will not be suffice to give you an edge in management role. As an individual contributor you may have opportunities to work on various assignments to lead or to manage at your workplace. However, you would need a stronger profile to demonstrate the leadership in several domains.You need to strengthen your portfolio to either bid for new role or quickly grasp the heat of new role and at the same time command respect from your team.Certification is one of the first steps you may want to take to build your portfolio. Earning certification will give one badge on your profile that you possess needed specialization. Note the difference between ‘certificate’, ‘certification’ and ‘certification that gives a certified designation’. You can choose any based … Continue reading